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About Penelope Guzman Photography

Penelope Guzman is a natural light photographer who adores shooting people in their element. She is passionate about capturing life in the most beautiful way, with images that evoke strong emotion and tell a story about how a special day unfolds. Her specialty is photographing children, particularly lifestyle images that are candid and natural, and families as they celebrate a special day.

Your day is about you, and Penelope will make sure you can enjoy your day fully while our team is in the wings, capturing it all without being noticed. Whether you would like an event captured and all the most special moments recorded for you to hold onto forever, or simply what to photograph a special day in the life of a child, a couple, etc, we are here for you, ready to beautifully document wonderful days for you to look back on forever.

Demetri Cherpelis is a photographer and videographer and part of the team, available to photograph events or capture them on film.